Since 1977 author Carl Pfeiffer has been a dedicated, sometimes crazed and always loyal Buffalo Bills fan.  The Bills have been a major part of Carl’s life and in his book Someday! he takes you on a twisted, emotional, hysterical and thought provoking journey through Buffalo Bills history.  


          For Colonel Pfeiffer and countless people who call Western New York home, the Buffalo Bills are more than a football franchise, more than a hobby or entertainment; they are a full-fledged member of the family.  A family member who sometimes makes you proud, sometimes is frustrating and sometimes just plain old breaks your heart.  Regardless, Pfeiffer asserts that you still love them.  This is a unique look at one team’s impact on a fan, his family and his life.  Through his ups and downs, successes and failures, Carl has had one constant – a love affair with his hometown football team.           


          He portrays the Buffalo Bills as an uncle, girlfriend, brother, teacher and mentor all rolled up into one fascinating character.   Not your typical sports book, Someday! is told entirely from the fan’s biased and ill-informed perspective.  Pfeiffer in a light hearted and funny way chronicles eight heartbreaking losses in Buffalo Bills history, how they impacted his life and what they meant to his hometown.  Along the way Carl gives his unique views on Hall of Famers Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith, why the Bills really were the winners of Super Bowl XXVIII and why in Buffalo there beats the heart of a champion.         


          Someday illustrates in fascinating detail every opinion Pfeiffer has about his beloved Bills ranging from their biggest boneheaded moves, to conversations he imagined the Bills brass had with Jim Kelly’s agent, to how he would run the Bills if he were Buffalo’s business manager.  All told in Pfeiffer’s hilarious, first person, conversational style. If you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills or any long-suffering team then Someday! is an entertaining look into the heart of a fan that is still waiting and hoping for the Championship parade to come down the Main Street of his hometown.