Ya know Marv Levy never won a Super Bowl and I have written that I thought he got out coached by Bill Parcells in Super Bowl XXV.  Let me also say that there is absolutely no shame in getting out-done by Parcells.  Second, if the ball sails to the left 18 inches and we are never, ever talking about Bill Parcells brilliant coaching job that night in Tampa.  That aside, what Marv Levy did in Buffalo was nothing short of remarkable.  Guiding a team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances is in my view one of the most significant feats in sports history.   Plus, Marv was the perfect coach for this group of players.  The Bills under Marv were a group of strong personalities, big egos, and a roster of superstars on both sides of the ball.  It was Marv who got them all moving in the right direction and it was Marv who led them to the brink of the Promised Land year after year.

I can’t think of a team in all of professional sports that was able to repeatedly pick themselves up after defeat time after time like the Marv Levy coached Buffalo Bills.

ESPN rated the Top 20 NFL Coaches of all time and ranked Marv  #17.  Seventeen??  Are you kidding me?  Hank Stram and Bud Grant did a better job over the course of their career than Marv?  Gimmie a break.  I also would rate Marv ahead of John Madden (who himself had a tough time winning the big one).  Seventeen is way too low and I would put Marv somewhere a lot closer to the top 10. Anyway, regardless of where ESPN rated Levy, he is the greatest coach in Buffalo Bills history and on this day in '01 became a Hall of Famer.